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Olive international developed an innovative solution of Learning Management System which is flexible, scalable and customized for teachers, parents and students. It is an interface that empowers the school council and streamlines education-related processes. A composite pedestal for schools to enrich their efficiency, quality and edification by providing structured lesson plans, interactive content for all classes, streamlined assignments, augmented managed content, question pool for practice to minimize the workloads of teachers, students and parents. The involved individuals will facilitate time to time with various updations information and features.

Core Methodology

A complete communication and content distribution system, designed to support classroom activities. It enables content management, learning framework and integration and is built on open source technologies such as PHP and MySQL

For Students

  • Interactive and smart content
  • Multimedia lesson plans
  • Home Assignments and projects
  • Online Assessments
  • Student Grade Book
  • Class sheets
  • Online and offline Tests
  • Feasibility of notes

For Teachers

  • Attendance records
  • Access timetables
  • Prepare lesson plans
  • Test generators
  • Pool of question bank
  • Student’s grade book
  • Assessments
  • Notes feasibility
  • Relevant and interactive content delivery
  • Feasibility of notes or resource managing

For Parents

  • Student’s Notes and Assignments
  • Ability to track the Student’s Grade book and Progress report
  • Improvement Notes for upgradation of student’s performance.

For Schools

  • Immeasurable control and support for school councils to provide a secure and customize solutions for the entire school community to congregate, manage information, track record, control content and approve changes and modifications.
  • Unique approach and phenomena added in e-learning to make edification eye capturing, assimilating and easy to imbibe by students. The sense of interactions flavored through multimedia lesson plans, intelligence tools and structured content.
  • Ability to send updations and alerts to students, teachers and parents.
  • With a feature of flexible and strong framework to manage the content of each class as per the requirement.
  • Student enrollment information with profile and details.
  • Capacity to enhance unlimited question pool, generate test batteries, online progress report and notes to improve the performance of students.
  • Keep checking on teachers, students and employees


This e-learning LMS has the distinctiveness of powerful test batteries along with the edge of online assessment, which creates easiness in the efforts of teacher to assess the student’s performance. This Interface provides a platform for teachers to set a variety of formats for tests, e.g. multi-choice, multi-response, short answer. Tests can be marked automatically providing fast feedback and identifying individual student needs.

The tool of assessment makes the tedious task of marking and reviewing the students’ performance lessen to simple steps that too just by clicking. Above all the workloads of students is also abridged because of the online tests.

Events and holidays Calendar

With many events taking place over the school year a dynamic calendar keeps your community informed. Events and holidays calendar is available in a month or week view. Permissions can be managed by administrators so that limited views can be created where required. With this school community gets updated information about the recent events and holidays.

School Bulletin

The system is highly flexible as school council can display the notices, messages and news confined specifically for teachers, departments or campuses. It is the best component to the aware school community about the facts that council wants to announce and update them.

Notes Manager for Teachers and Students

An optimize provision for teachers to manage the learning resources. It allows the teachers to create their notes for classes. Teachers can ensure the resources they make available are delivered to the students who need them. The tools like to save notes, editing and formatting are exist there.

Apropos, the same feature is also available for students, as they have the power to create the notes and save it as long as they desire to support their lessons.

Results and Alerts on Mobile

School council has authority and power to arrange the availability of classroom information at outside the campus with the feature of anywhere and anytime. To maximize the engagement of students and parents results and updates can be available on Mobile via SMS technology.


  • Olive International impeccably presents one-stop-shop for our students like homework, assignments, study notes, calculations, news and so on, as they can all be accessed quickly and easily.

    By Shivani Khanna
  • Olive International impeccably presents one-stop-shop for our students like homework, assignments, study notes, calculations, news and so on, as they can all be accessed quickly and easily.

    By Shivani Khanna

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